Nov 06, 2010


THE Dress..

I love this dress!

It is ABSOLUTLEY nothing like I thought i wanted and everything I love..yep that doesnt make sense but its true. I imagined myself in a cupcake dress as my sister calls it..Lots of Puff and silky shiny fabric..i had SOOOO many cut outs. I tried on so many dresses like that, and then there was this baby. Grabbed it on a whim thinking I wanted to make sure i tried on everything before making my decision..and from the moment I put it on, I felt IT. The whole youll just know when you find it thing..yuppers that was me for sure.

Here it is...on a model whos bony and has makeup me no likey..and its not the right color showing in white/silver, I actually ordered it in Ivory/Gold...sigh I CANT wait for it to come in!! Hurry up dress i miss you!


THE Dress photo 1THE Dress photo 2THE Dress photo 3

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Love your dress! You are going to look incredible!

Fabulous dress!!! I love the intricate details, and I bet it'll look fantastic in ivory and gold!!

OMG ur dress is to die for the back is sooooooo elegant! I always wanted a low back but for some reason didn't get one with a low back ;)! crazy how that works right?