Mar 20, 2010


Cake Topper!

I ordered these Korean Mandarin Wedding Ducks made out of celedon to use as our cake topper, and I love them!

Cake Topper photo 1

Celedon is a traditional Korean pottery that is a pretty greenish blue color. 

Mandarin ducks are a classic symbol of Korean weddings and are pretty much always incoporated into weddings there.  They mate for life, are peaceful, and have lots of offsping. haha!  Plenty of reasons for them to be a nice symbol of togetherness.  After the wedding, the couple will display their ducks in their home.  If the couple is happy, they put the ducks nose to nose, if they are having a tiff, they could be turned tail to tail.  But no matter what, the ducks are always together.  And if one person wants to end a fight, they could point to their wedding ducks.  I think that's really cute.

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