Aug 01, 2010



Once upon a time there was a girl named Samantha who came from the land of sunshine. Samantha spent her whole life in her warm hometown, working hard on her studies.

Thousands of miles away there lived a boy, named Nic. Nic lived where it was cold and he loved to play hockey.

Nic loved Hockey so much that he moved away to play in Washington, but then he decided to try out someplace warmer, so he moved to Florida!

One day, Samantha decided to go to a party. When Samantha got to the party she spotted her friends and she went over to visit.

It was then that she noticed Nic standing there, he had luscious long hair and a big smile. Sam thought he was very cute, but she was too shy to say hello!

All night she pretended she wasn't looking at Nic, she tried to build up enough courage to introduce herself, but before she knew it, the night was over and it was time to go home.

When Samantha closed her eyes to go to sleep that night, she wondered if she might have missed her chance to ever meet the boy with the big smile.

That week Samantha invited her friends over for a dinner party.

Samantha's friend, Scott, asked her if it would be OK if he brought along a friend. Samantha, being a good hostess, of course said yes.

The night of Samantha's dinner party came and Samantha was putting the final touches on things when the doorbell rang.

At the door was Scott and his friend. It was Nic, the boy with the big smile! You know, the one she couldn't stop daydreaming about?

Nic smiled at Samantha, and Samantha smiled at Nic and before they knew it, they were in their own little world together. They laughed and talked all night long!

The next day Nic and Samantha went to the beach together.

At the beach Nic asked Samantha to be his girlfriend. "We're having so much fun together," He said. "We could do this all the time!"

Over the next few years, Samantha and Nic were inseparable. 

They traveled together to Las Vegas, Florida and even Minnesota.

They bought a puppy, and named her Bug.

They even decided to move in together, so they could spend all their time with each other!

One day they noticed that Bug was lonely, so Samantha and Nic decided to bring her home a friend, a boy puppy named Iggy!

Samantha and Nic spent their days together with their dogs and were very happy for almost three years, until one day Nic realized something was missing.

Nic wanted the whole world to know how much he loved Samantha!

So Nic drove right out and bought Samantha the prettiest ring he could find and then he asked her to be his wife!

Sam, of course, said Yes!

Sam started dreaming about their beautiful wedding almost immediately, and decided that a fairytale garden wedding would be the best idea.

But weddings take lots of time to plan, so Nic and Samantha decided that the next summer would be the best time for their big day.

Being engaged, Nic and Samantha made big decisions together, like moving all the way across the country. They even started looking for the perfect house for their new family.

Samantha and Nic were so busy living life that before they knew it their wedding day had crept closer and closer. Until all of the sudden, it was TODAY!

And here we all are, celebrating Love, and wishing all our best wishes to Nic and Samantha on their beautiful wedding day!

Aren't you glad your here to share it with them? :D

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