Mar 21, 2010


The Shower!

My future mother in-law and 18 of her friends hosted an AMAZING shower for me on February 6th. They held it at Troon North Country Club, and had over 62 women in attendence. It was such an amazing day with so many amazing people! AND thankfully my bridesmaids were super helpful in getting 62 gifts opened, otherwise we would have been there all day! Here are a few pictures from the special day!


The beautiful table settings- they had the colors perfect!

The Shower photo 1

The beautiful favors-custom candy bars

The Shower photo 2

The gift table

The Shower photo 3

My "gift" helpers

The Shower photo 4

Opening Presents

The Shower photo 5

At first we thought it was a sex book, but it's actually a cookbook- My Future Mother In-Law LOVED it!

The Shower photo 6

Me with my two "mom's"

The Shower photo 7

Me with my 4 "in-state" bridesmaids

The Shower photo 8

Practicing with my "bow-quet"

The Shower photo 9

The Troyan Fam

The Shower photo 10

Me and FI

The Shower photo 11

(3) Comments

Ditto! Can you please share where your dress is from?

I am so in love with the white dress that your wearing at your shower...Where did you get it???

What a beautiful shower, your future MIL did an amazing job! I love the table settings & decor! :D