Aug 14, 2010


:::Meet Us!:::

Who we are:

Pam - I'm a pharmacist in Texas who was born and raised in Dallas, TX, went to school in Houston, TX, did a residency in San Antonio, TX, and I now live at the tip of TX in Edinburg, about 20 minutes from Mexico.

Marvin - He is my FI! He is also a pharmacist in Texas who was born in Oklahoma, raised in Cameroon (Africa), went to school in Houston, TX and now lives here in Edniburg with me. Marvin is the LOVE of my LIFE! He is so kind, so patient. He gives me just about any and everything I want. I love him more than life itself. 

Together - We are such homebodies, hard workers and we were made for one another IMO! We have a lot of the same goals and we are both super excited to call each other...each other's! I am so in love with this man, it's ridiculous! It was such a rocky road to get here but we are here...

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How we met: FI and I met during interviews for pharmacy school. He was actually the interview right before me! I was so nervous and when he came out, he told me it wasn't that bad. I didn't believe him. We both got into pharmacy school and the rest is history!

How he proposed: We went to Dallas for his friend's baby shower. He was acting TOTALLY normal! At the baby shower, I was getting SUPER sleepy and bored (it was more like a party than a baby shower) so around 1:30am, he got up to make a speech. He asked his friend to hold the video camera and I was like "Why didn't you ask me to hold it?" He said "I know you don't want to get up" I was like, OKAY! During his speech he asked me to come up there with him for support. I still had NO CLUE! In front of EVERYBODY (a lot of people I didn't even know) he pulled out a ring and asked me to be his wife! I actually ran away because he totally surprised me and caught me off guard. It was amazing. Of course I said yes.

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We're a dot com!!! YAY! Check it out.....

****UPDATE!!!**** (4/19/11)

After 8 months, our wedding videos are here! I LOVE THEM! Can't stop watching!


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I didn't know you lived in SA for awhile! Yay for Texas gals! :-)

Thats just so sweet! and LOL that you ran!

You guys are too cute!!! Pwani20 you live in Edinburg!!!! I have family there!!!