Aug 28, 2010



Finalized my centerpiece design last week with the help of my mom, my aunties, and my wonderful daddy!!  I'm trying to be green, so these were made from my dad's scrap pile of PVC pipes and wood.  They were spray painted silver and decorated with bead curtains, my folded paper stars, and pink vinyl table cloth.  I'm planning to get together with my bridesmaids one day to decorate the little holders with different color ribbon and embellishments (colors to be pulled from my stars - pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, etc.).


*Going to put cardstock stars to decorate the wine glasses; closeup on beads & paper stars (don't mind the grandpa in the background, haha!).

Centerpiece photo 1Centerpiece photo 2


*I will have two different color overlays (baby blue & turquoise) using the baby blue for the banquet tables, and the turquoise for cocktail hour; all containers will be sprayed silver, but you can see here that they are common PVC pipes :)

Centerpiece photo 3Centerpiece photo 4


*Instead of placing the "cake favor boxes" like cakes, I'm standing them up like tiny baggies.  Silver string to tie in the color.

Centerpiece photo 5Centerpiece photo 6


*Top view of the table.

Centerpiece photo 7Centerpiece photo 8


*Me slaving away making the paper stars; cool shadow effects!!

Centerpiece photo 9Centerpiece photo 10


Was finally able to bring a finished sample to the hotel to test-drive it on an actual round table.  Looks pretty good!  Too bad they didn't have any chinaware available.

Centerpiece photo 11Centerpiece photo 12

Centerpiece photo 13Centerpiece photo 14


Caught the FI holding a peace sign... but posted this without his permission, so for privacy sake his face has been... altered slightly.

Centerpiece photo 15

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WoW!!! Looks great!

Looks amazing...good job!

Great Job!