Aug 14, 2010


::Bridesmaid's look::

So of course we already have some things done. I've picked out my BMs dresses.

They are Belsoie in Teal. I love the neckline and how it hides imperfections in the waist.

Bridesmaid s look photo 1BMs Dress.

I've also talked with my sister, who is my MOH and I really really wanted her dress to be different. So we selected another Belsoie dress for her. Also in Teal. I love the neckline and the mermaid cut and how it compliments my BMs dress.

Bridesmaid s look photo 2
MOH Dress. We are going to add a broach or something to make her stand out even more.

I have yet to find jewelry. But I'm having the girls wear silver or black shoes so we'll have a mixture. I would really like them to wear fuschia but I met some resistance...boooo :(  Silver and black are soooo traditional and I am soooo not. IDK, maybe I'll still make them wear fuschia. It's my wedding right? But I don't want them to feel uncomfortable. Not sure what to do about hair. I think it's more elegant to have updos or sideswept hair. I might give them something to wear in their hair, either a flower or jeweled pins. Still working on that....

**UPDATE!!** FINALLY, after much headache and going back and forth, I have FINALLY committed to jewelry for my BMs! I made them earrings and bracelets but I contacted blustarfruit for necklaces. I am super excited about this part of my hunt being closed! LOL! I didn't know it would take so long!

DIY Earrings and bracelet:

Bridesmaid s look photo 3

The girls will be carrying bouquets of hot pink lady roses. Somewhat like these roses.

Bridesmaid s look photo 7


The necklaces from Blustarfruit are in! And they are GORGEOUS!

The bridesmaid's necklaces. White pearls with fuschia swarovski crystals.

Bridesmaid s look photo 8  Bridesmaid s look photo 9

The MOH's necklace. White pearl brooch necklace.

Bridesmaid s look photo 10  Bridesmaid s look photo 11


I forgot to post the BM brooches for their bouquets. Plain and sparkly! I'm missing a P, Y, and M.

Bridesmaid s look photo 12


Here is my MOH and my fave cousin modeling the dresses! They are so pretty but we decided to add bling to give it some sparkle.

Bridesmaid s look photo 13 Bridesmaid s look photo 14

The brooch. It's really pretty in person!

Bridesmaid s look photo 15

***The 'maids on wedding day!



 (My MOH (sister)...Gorgeous!)


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They looked gorgeous!

Love your BM dresses and jewelry!

Wow! I love those dresses! And the bouquets are gorgeous!

Those necklaces are gorgeous!!!