Aug 14, 2010


::The OTHER one!::

Here is my dress! I love love love this dress. I walked into David's Bridal and almost walked right out. I went to Alfred Angelo and liked 2 dresses from the Piccone line but really wanted some more bling and something different. So then I went to Ventura's Bridal and this is the first dress I saw. I instantly fell in love! I tried this and 4 others on but I kept going back to this one. It looks like whipped cream on me and it has the bling I wanted. It has everything I wanted in my dress and I'm soooo happy to have found The One!

The OTHER one photo 1

    MY DRESS!!! Oh how I love it....

Still working on shoes and jewelry. Looking for a veil that's practically see through and hair accessories. Definitely NOT wearing a tiara but thinking of a headband. I've seen some really amazing ones! It's getting more real!

***NEW PICS***

Here is the dress on me when I first tried her on and fell in love...

The OTHER one photo 2  The OTHER one photo 3



My dress came in on June 9, 2010! I'll be doing my first fitting on June 11, 2010! EXCITED!!   :D :D :D

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you look stunning, in your dress, however this is my dress also ADORAE

Ues, Adorae is such a beauty and you look astonishing in it

beautiful, just beautiful!

I love your dress. You look amazing!