Aug 14, 2010


::Where it's at!::

The ceremony and reception will be in the same place.


 Where it s at photo 1 

Here is where the ceremony will be. It is an extremely beautiful chapel!

Where it s at photo 2 Front of the chapel.

Where it s at photo 3  The courtyard where the cocktail hour will take place.

Where it s at photo 4 

Here's a shot of the reception hall. It's huge and will fit our 300 guests nicely.


They will cater so our caterer is Behind the Bash catering. I've only heard awesome things about them so I look forward to the menu creation.

**UPDATE!!!** We've created our menu! The tasting was AMAZING! It was so fun and the food was IMPECCABLE! I HIGHLY recommend Behind the Bash catering if you're catering an EXQUISITE event in Houston, TX!

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LOVE the chapel!

That is a GOREGOUS space! Love!

Wow!  Your venue is amazing!  I love how natural it is and the ceiling!

WOW just beautiful!!