Jul 20, 1990


Review of Index Turbine by Armand Morin

I used to be among the earliest people of Directory Generator before it launched freely August 26, 2004, so Ive had just a little head-start in evaluating it.

Let me give you a little history info first:

Directory Generator is a software product that may make numerous keyword-targeted web-pages. Visit chris jones ipas2 to check up where to deal with this concept. The reason would be to help you get targeted visitors to your site so you will make more sales or generate profits.

I was one of the earliest people of Directory Generator before it presented publicly August 26, 2004, so Ive had a little head-start in evaluating it.

I want to give you a little background information first: In late 2003, new traffic generating software appeared called Traffic Equalizer. I've to admit I knew nothing about any of it until recently. My guess why is that it is discussed mostly among major marketers, and probably mostly at workshops.

Its the same as Armand Morin to ride the traffic application trend and also attempt to create a surfboard. And thats what Directory Generator is.

It's said to be equivalent to software including Traffic Equalizer, Ranking Power, and Traffic Hurricane, which allows one to get specific traffic by producing pages that get high search engine rankings. The difference is, like the majority of of what Armand does, the outcomes are more professional-looking and classier.

Of the mentioned before programs, Traffic Hurricane may be the only 1 that's free. Why buy this software when you can get it free? Because your Traffic Hurricane pages will have someone elses Google AdSense ads on your pages, gaining money to them off your traffic. Given that I've Directory Generator, I dont need another person making profits from my traffic until theyre likely to pay part to me of it. Selfish, arent I? One other thing: Im amazed no one noticed this but Google doesnt let Ad-sense signal to-be placed on pages maybe not held by you, so the way this is initiated may get some body in to trouble.

I understand what youre thinkingYeah, thats great but can Directory Generator really make targeted traffic? Definitely! The very first web site I created with Directory Generator is steadily making Google AdWords revenue everyday without me performing a thing. It took thirty days for traffic and commissions to really start kicking in. I dont want this to appear to be hype but this could be the best money Ive made thus far. Even so the next internet site I made isnt doing squat. But that just shows no such thing to me: Theres as a certain thing. The domain name you select and keywords you target could make a huge difference. Nevertheless the second site also hasnt been up for as long, so well see what happens

Am I likely to get rich off the cash its generating? No, nor can someone leave their job with it, but at the rate its working I'd earn the $250 price right back rapidly. My purpose was to first make the website cost back and I did. The website is shown in Google, but gets no traffic from there. A lot of the traffic arises from other search engines. Watch out, if it'd numerous pages spidered by Google!

Ive observed through the grapevine of multiple people earning 4-figure regular incomes from web sites created with traffic-generating software. And Ive heard of one person making a six-figure income. For the time being, this test tells me that this application actually works.

Heres a little secret: Nobody who uses traffic generating application will tell you their website URL. Thats because they dont want individuals ripping off their lucrative website. And that means you must buy the software to see the websites it creates. At $250 a place, thats an expensive test.

What does one do with the traffic it makes?

1. You generate Google Adsense profits (this feature is made in to the application).

2. You can add SearchFeed (you cant add both. Click here look into ipas2 reviews to research the purpose of this hypothesis. Google doesnt allow it).

3. You can include a Linkshare offer to earn additional commissions.

4. The modern type lets you make Amazon commissions. This Site contains more concerning the meaning behind it. Quality Mike Hobbs Ipas2 is a pictorial online library for more about how to provide for it.

BENEFITS: Easily produce 100s of keyword targeted pages to get a market service.

Disadvantage: You still have to choose your key-words which will be your website topic. You've to learn just how to FTP the pages to your web host. Unlike Traffic Equalizer, this program will not do it for you.

CONCLUSION: Strongly suggested. Thank goodness Armand didnt cost this application too cheaply. If you only try one traffic-generating software program, I suggest Directory Generator.

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