Oct 04, 2009



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Our ring bearer and flower girl were so cute. Ended up they had to be walked down by my SIL but it was darling and all caught on video for me to see afterwards.

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Right before I walked down the aisle, I was bouncing up and down and so nervous. My dad had to tell me funny stories about my dog Bella to calm me down. But as soon as I saw John it was like everyone else disapeared and I was standing up there with him. I instantly was at ease. It was such an amazing moment in my life. I spent so much time planning the reception and how much fun it was going to be...I never realized how MAGICAL the ceremony would be. It was my favorite moment of that day.

John seeing me for the first time. I guess the officiant had to hold John back because when he saw me he wanted to go and get me. :)

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There were a lot oh happy tears throughout our ceremony. John and I wrote our own vows. It was his idea and I am so glad we did it. It was so much more personal. One of my best friends recited a reading for us from Captain Correli's Mandolin.

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During the ceremony the officiant saw I was starting to cry and asked if anyone had tissues. So my mom digs through her purse and all she could find were these tissues with christmas decorations on them. Everyone started to laugh. I was so happy to see that my photographer caught that moment on camera.

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I love this picture of myself and my dad. He was so happy and proud of me.

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Once we were pronounced husband and wife our recessional was to the song Blessed by Brett Dennen. It is such an upbeat and happy song. It was a great segway into cocktail hour and our reception.


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Your wedding was absolutely beautiful!! Congratuations and thanks for sharing your pictures!  Such an elegant color palate and great inspiration!

you looked beautiful!

You guys look so happy! Congratulations!

Congrats. Your wedding was amazing. You look absolutely stunning.