Oct 04, 2009



 Reception photo 1        Reception photo 2   

Let me just say that when I walked into the tent for the first time when we were announced as Mr and Mrs Whiteley I was completey shocked and amazed at the floral centerpieces. My florist, Ana, at Floral Works Designs in San Diego, did such an amazing job of capturing the feeling of a rustic elegance that I was going for. I had no idea what to expect. I had shown her inspiration pictures. She did not copy them exactly, but used them to create something even more amazing and unique. The whole night people kept on commenting on them. Especially the tall centerpieces that almost hit the ceiling of the tent. The pictures don't even do them justice.

Reception photo 3 Reception photo 4 Reception photo 5 Reception photo 6 

We had 6 different wines and a variety of beers for our hosted bar.

Reception photo 7 Reception photo 8 

The escort cards with the wine corks were a nice touch. I provided my photographer with only one MUST HAVE photo....I told her I wanted a picture with our rings on a bottle of PONTE wine. I had seen others before. But the one she took was PERFECT!

Our wedding party was announced at the reception to I've Got a Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. And we were announced as MR and MRS to Can't Get Enough of Your Love by Barry White.

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Our first dances were so much fun. We danced to I Will by the Beatles. DH's family are huge fans of the Beatles. Dad and I danced to Sweet Pea by Amos Lee. I love the one of John and his mom. They glided on the dance floor like they had practiced their dance for weeks. In reality they hadn't practiced at all. They danced to Rainbow Connection by the Muppets. A song that John and his brother listened to as young kids. There was not a dry eye in the reception tent. I love how you see me and my SIL in the background watching them dance.Reception photo 18 Reception photo 19 

Reception photo 20 Reception photo 21 

Isn't my niece precious?

Reception photo 22 Reception photo 23

Reception photo 24 Reception photo 25

My friends from high school and my friends from teaching.

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Our garter toss was to the song of Hot for Teacher...since I am a 5th grade teacher. The bouquet toss was to the Sex in the City theme song.

Our cake was beautiful. Our W cake topper "bling blinged" with the uplightning and was one of the focal points of the reception tent. The ONE bite I had of the cake was super yummy. Lemon cake with bavarian creme, lemon and rasberry.

 Reception photo 29

Don't even remember who gave me the wine goggle glasses. But they made for a fun picture with my girlfriends.

 Our big surprise was the use of sparklers at the end of the night. They made for some great pictures!

 Reception photo 30 Reception photo 31

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Such a beautiful day!  Your venue and dress are spectacular!!!

I love your cake topper! Looks like you had a really good time!! The sparkler pictures turned out so great, especially the one with you two kissing!

love the cake!  looks like you guys had tons of fun, congrats!