Oct 04, 2009



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When I saw all of the bouquets for the first time I almsost started to cry. I told my florist to make the girls bouquets with lots of lime green to stand out against their brown dresses. I think their bouquets were exquisite and so unique. For my bouquet I wanted mostly white flowers with some greenery. My grandmother passed away 3 months before my wedding. One day we were going through her jewelry and I found this beautiful blue brooch. I had my florist attach this to my bouquet for my something blue and borrowed.

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The girls' brooches were actually meant to be earrings....I bought them at Forever 21 andhad my florist attach them as brooches. For our favors we gifted two types of wine bottle stoppers with our monogram attached.

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Let's just say the flip flop baskets on the dance floor were a HUGE hit! I bought the flip flops at the end of the summer at Michaels for a dollar a piece.

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My florist used the lanterns from the cereomony on our sweetheart table and cake table.Details photo 15 Details photo 16 Details photo 17

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gorgeous wedding! congratulations!!


Everything looks great! =D