May 18, 2008


Rehearsal Dinner

We ended up having 35 people at our rehearsal dinner.  So having it at a restaurant or somewhere else was out of the question since we were paying for it ourselves.  Our budget was $400 and we ended up doing everything for $350.

On the menu:
Chicken from El Pollo Loco
Salad & rolls from The Pizza Cookery
baked beans

An Ice Cream Sundae bar with brownies

Sparkling Water
Rum with pineapple juice or coke

DH strung christmas lights in the backyard of my cousin's house to provide light.  My aunt provided tables, chairs, and linens.  My aunt's boyfriend made us a 20 minute video/montage from the time DH and I were born to present.  It was fabulous.


(2) Comments

yumm ... menu looks delish.  and i love that you were able to do it under budget!

awesome ideas! i just love the proposal! thats the kind i would love 2 have! i want 2 take my e-pics @ disneyland. do u know if u had 2 pay a fee 4 that? thanks so much 4 sharing all ur ideas & pics! love it! & big congrats!!! ;)