May 08, 2010



This is the dress I ultimately got (no jacket) and I'm not sure how i feel about it.  I wanted a mermaid as you can see from my inspirations, and was told at the bridal shop that this was a mermaid, but when I looked it up, I realized it was a fitted A-line. So I'm hoping once I get my first fitting, I'll have that "love" moment with it...but right now, I'm not too sure...and I just don't have much time!

Dress photo 1Dress photo 2Dress photo 3

Dresses that I loved...

Dress photo 4Dress photo 5

Dress photo 6Dress photo 7

Dress photo 8Dress photo 9

Dress photo 10Dress photo 11Dress photo 12


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all of them will look fantastico on you!!!

my fave is the 2nd row from top - the one on the right - im a sucka for pleats!  =)