Jun 20, 2008


DIY hair comb

Before I would spend $25 or more on a floral comb, I had to try making my own. I bought a couple of floral stems at Hobby Lobby (only get them when they are half off, which is about every other week! Also, get stems with multiple blooms in case of mess-ups). I also got a package of plastic combs at Michael's for 2 bucks and a small piece of birdcage tulle. Then the hot glue gun and I sat down to make something pretty. The first two were pretty awful.
*Tip* You will have the tendency to choose a bigger bloom than you actally need. I figured this out the hard way as I jumped in the car for my second run to the craft store. If you need to, take a mirror with you to the store and hold the flowers up to your head.*

The final result, which I wore to my reception, turned out great. First I cut a scallopped edge into the tulle, folded it and glued it down, then added the main white bloom, followed by the smaller purple ones.

DIY hair comb photo 1

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