Jun 20, 2008


The best advice I was given

This message was in the context of me stressing about getting fit and the adverse bloating effects of birth control, but my friend's Godly words grounded me and kept me focused on the important things right on through "I do."

"...also, i went on birth control and gained seven pounds the month before the wedding. at first i thought i was going to die, but the lord humbled me so gently; he showed me that i was caught up in a lie -- a lie about "the perfect day" and the "beautiful bride" and the "most important moment of my life" and the wedding being "MY special day." He showed me that there is no perfect day other than the day i behold my saviour's face and am transformed to look like him. there is nothing beautiful in me except for his image there, his craftsmanship, his good grace. there is nothing so important in this life that could possibly eclipse the moment that he resurrected my dead soul and prompted it to accept him. and the wedding, i realized, was not MY day, but His: if i did not seek his glory alone everything about the day would be meaningless. a marriage is a covenant that transcends two particular people; as soon as you enter into that covenant you lose your identity forever, and become a representation and a picture of the true identity, the love of christ for the church. you surrender yourself to another person in order to surrender yourself to the Lord. you are in no way your own, and you have a claim to nothing except for God's promise to do good to you. let yourself be captivated by the other-wordly significance of marriage and all the rest -- napkins and dresses and food and music and decorations and invitations -- oh, it pales! it does not matter at all, and if you refuse to let it matter to you, you will have such a great time preparing to marry your caleb. God taught me this at just the right time, and i look on those days before the wedding as some of the sweetest and most meaningful days i have lived in."

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This gave me chills.  I recently reached this point myself.  While stressing over some meaningless detail, I realized that the devil is busy.  Anything that can go wrong during the planning (as I prepare to marry my "Boaz") - has.  That reassures me that we are a force to be reckoned with and God has HUGE plans in store for us.  Since realizing this, I know our day will be an awesome reflection of Him and to His glory - NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! :)

Thank you so much for sharing your advice. You have a very good friend that sent you that.