Jan 03, 1981


Where you should Post New Articles First

I am asked this particular a great deal on a lot of the forums I contribute to: 'John, do you find it Alright to post articles I've sent to article submission sites alone web site?' This is certainly probably the most misunderstood concepts involving the proper using of online content. The solution, in addition, is yes, it's OK to use articles you've sent to directories alone site. There isn't any "duplicate content" penalty that may blacklist you forever from Google, alleviate all your rights, and post you to Hell whenever you die.

What Google frowns upon is posting a similar content twice (or more) by yourself site - ostensibly to boost the number of content pages so you can fool the various search engines into thinking you're updating your articles regularly. Itrrrs this that is intended if you hear the definition of "duplicate content penalty." Now, with that in mind, don't forget that the search engines may well discount content you apply to your web site that seems elsewhere. By that I mean anytime Google indexes a website of content once, it does devalue the next occurrences of the same content appearing elsewhere. So, when you submit articles online and send it in to, say, 10 article submission sites, Google will get among those submissions because the original to the content, and then consider all of the other occurrences as less important.

Should you go through implications of this logically, this means you should be careful the way you takes place original content. This is when it could possibly have a little tricky. First, recognize that the large, popular article publication sites have emerged through the search engines like yahoo as crucial sites. Content appearing there often piggybacks with this effect and appears high in the google search rankings relatively quickly. This fact alone makes the write for us online to your top directory very attractive, since your article will employ a better possibility of being seen by searchers at Google, Yahoo, etc.

For most article writers, this will be the deciding factor on best places to place new content first. The exception is made for writers that have websites which have a lots of love on the engines like google, techniques they might smart phone market the top directories. Quite simply, if the goal is to obtain your content regularly seen by search engine users as soon as possible, first put your new articles in the exact location that provides the most effective prospects for that happening.

Once you see that Google has selected that first occurrence of one's article, it's time for it to apply it elsewhere. You might incur no "penalty" for duplicate content. At worst, your article's subsequent appearances will just be discounted through the engines like google simply because observe that it's already around on another site. A last consideration is basically that you ought not forget humans during this equation. You shouldn't be afraid to put content (your very own forms of languages) on the website given that it's on other sites. In the event the article is a superb read and useful, interesting information that your guests will delight in, you should utilize it!

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