Mar 13, 2010






The Jewel Box in Forest Park: 

The Jewel Box is undoubtably GORGEOUS, but they don't offer much in the way of customer service (and, the probably don't need to since people are going to book there regardless). Initially they told us that we had exactly 2 hours to get in, set up and get out as there was an event before and after ours. We planned accordingly and even cut some things out due to time constraints. It ended up that whomever we talked to either lied or didn't have their facts straight, because we were the only event there that day. Also, we were required to have our rehearsal on a Thursday which is fine, but when we got there the "aisle" was filled with about four inches of water (they have a fountain in the middle of the room normally) that no one had bothered to drain yet.  For a $1500 rental fee, I expect top notch service. 


That being said, the chairs were set up on schedule and it lived up to it's absolutely stunning expectations, look wise. Overall, I was pleased enough. 


The Trolley Room at the Forest Park Visitors Center: 

Rented and managed via our caterer (Catering St. Louis), The Trolley Room turned out to be unexpectedly beautiful and everything ran like clockwork. 



WOW. Considering we were required to use CateringStL because of the venues we chose, I was a little concerned, but there was ABSOLUTELY no reason to be. Our tasting: amazing. The food: amazing AND beautiful. The management: amazing. Every detail was totally taken care of. The price: Maybe not so amazing, but we definitely got our money's worth. For our beautiful buffet cocktail dinner and a full open bar we paid about $75 a person with taxes and fees included. Also included were our tables and chairs, a tasting for four people, linens, dishes and silverware, servers and bartenders, tip, cake cutting and wedding day management of the venue. We paid extra for flatbread and marinated olives on each bar, vendor meals, and the draping you see in the pictures. Our total bill came to just about 20 thousand dollars for 150 people. It seems like a LOT...but considering the perfection that was our reception...I really can't complain. 


SJMacky Photography: 

PERFECTION from Sara at SJMacky Photography. I don't really know what to say except, LOOK at our pictures. It should be noted that Sara only had five total hours to take all of the getting ready, ceremony and reception pictures. It was raining, foggy and freezing cold and we still look warm, happy and in love. When I look at my pictures, I most definitely feel like I am back in my wedding day, making those promises and having the time of my life. There is no greater compliment to a photographer. 


Yara Holt with Bridal Horizons Wedding Management: 

We hired a DOC because we just wanted to get through the day and not worry about it (we being my mother, sister , father and I). Our schedule was VERY tight, so Yara had her  hands full. She was AWESOME though...everything went smoothly and there were no crises (and if there were, I don't know about them). I wasn't upset once during the whole day and I didn't worry once about whether things were where they needed to be or going to start on time. Yara was friendly and sweet to my guests and my bridal party, but firm enough that people didn't push her around. We had two consultations before the wedding and she was also CHOCK FULL of wonderful ideas! Hire her! 


Mike McDurmont, DJ (contact me for contact info) 

My dad wasn't terribly into the whole wedding vendor scene, but the one vendor that he DID comment on was the DJ and what a nice job he did. Mike DJ's as a side job and I had worked with him at a few weddings before my own. He did a GREAT job, especially because I had to have been the pickiest bride ever, music wise. I had a list a mile long of songs I had to have played  and a list TWO miles long in my head of how the music had to be. I also had quite a few things that I DIDNT want to hear. He followed through flawlessly. Our mingling music was perfect, and my usually stoic and dancephobic family danced ALL NIGHT. It was so much fun. We even managed to get TWO singalongs in before the end of the night (Midnight Train to Georgia and Don't Stop Believing...to quote a guest "the greatest one-two punch in the history of wedding songs"). I will definitely be recommending him in the future. 


Encore Baking Company: 

We allllll know how I feel about our cake. I also worked with Francie at Encore prior to my own wedding and I was impressed BEFORE I hired her, but after...there is no comparison. I brought her some half crazy sketches of my idea and a picture of my dress and in the end I just said "youre the cake genius, go to town." Our cake was STUNNING...it was the first thing I saw when I came in the room and the first thing I said was "LOOK AT OUR CAKE!" It was literally a work of art. And it was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever tasted. Flavorful and moist enough to literally melt in your mouth. 


If all that isn't enough...she was extremely reasonably priced. We had a budget of $625 which she matched exactly for our couture cake which fed 150 people with plenty to spare. 


Dress shop and Tuxes: My dress was purchased in Lebanon Missouri at Normans Bridal and Jewelry. I could not ask for a more wonderful wedding dress purchasing experience. They were knowledgeable, friendly, excited about my wedding and went out of their way to find, order and present me with my dream dress. They pressed and stored all of our bridesmaid dresses for us and every time I went in for my fittings I came out excited about my day and with a big smile on my face. Ask for Kathy!! Tuxes were from Men's Warehouse. They were great, just standard tuxes, very accommodating when two of our groomsmen dropped out and had to be replaced last minute. They forgot Colin's pocket square, but his mom sewed him a new one out of the scraps of one of the bridesmaids dresses so no big deal!


Botanicals Design Studio: 

I can't speak too much to the process of working with Keith and Dean at Botanicals but I can speak to how beautiful and professionally done our flowers were and how accomodating they were to our budget. We spent $4,000 for our flowers, but that included 3 of the big huge buffet table decorations, 12 of the lower orchid centerpieces and 10 smaller cocktail table centerpieces. It included eight bouquets (including my own) a toss bouquet and small bouquet for the flowergirl, and 16 boutonnieres.  Also, minor decorations for the church, delivery, pinning of the bouts and lessons for the girls on how to hold a bouquet. They went out of their way to make them personal for my wedding, including searching high and low for pins that matched the girls dresses. We provided MOST of the feathers which we found online. 


Holly Speaks, ProColour Salon: 

Holly was AMAZING. My makeup was flawless and she was a perfect professional. She came to our hotel room and did full makeup for my mom and I and just eyes for hte girls. My mom and I paid $75 a piece for airbrushing and eyelashes. The girls paid $15 a piece for their eyes. The makeup photographed flawlessly and stayed put through multiple bouts of crying and dancing for hours. It was still on at one in the morning when I got back to my room! Holly also does hair. Love her! 


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I have those very same shoes that I'm planning to use on my wedding day!  Please tell me about them breaking!!!

Great thanks!!!  This will be useful for other st. louis gal's ;)