Aug 14, 2010


::Flower Girlies::

We have two flower girls, one is my Goddaughter, Lael and the other is FI's niece, Julie. They'll both be 4 years old at the wedding. I haven't found their dresses or accessories yet but thanks to PWer lindsay.hoss, I went to Target today and bought them this ADORABLE gift!

Flower Girlies photo 1           Flower Girlies photo 2

How fun! I'll post more about the FGs as I get the info. Just had to share about the dolls!

**UPDATE!!** I've settled on a flower girl dress! My FGs will be sporting this cutie in ivory and pink! 

Flower Girlies photo 3   Flower Girlies photo 4 (dress in action)

I'll be making my FGs' jewelry! Something like this.

Flower Girlies photo 5

***UPDATE*** Here's the DIY bracelet I made for the FGs! Will probably change the ribbon to dark pink but I'm not sure yet.

Flower Girlies photo 6


So I decided to change my FG dresses!!! I like the one above but I wanted something a little different for my wedding. So without further adeui, here they are!!

Flower Girlies photo 7

The sash will be fushia pink (tafetta). They have already shipped to Houston so I can't wait to see them!!  I've also FINALLY finished the 2nd pomander. I can't wait to see the girls on WDay!!

***My FGs on Wedding Day!!



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Your flower girls are beautiful! The dresses are beautiful as well. Who is the designer? I am desperately looking for this style flower girl dress for my daughter because it looks so much like my dress. :-)

these little girls are too much!! lol

Adorable flower girls!! They are sooo cute

Where did you order your flower girl dress?  It is adorable!