Aug 14, 2010


::Bearer of the Ring::

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Our ringbearers are so cute! One is my godson, Malachi and the other is FI's GM's son, Will. They are both going to be 4 at our wedding! 

We finally decided on their tuxes.

Bearer of the Ring photo 1  

It's a 5 piece tux. They will also be wearing these bouts that I DIYd!

Bearer of the Ring photo 2

My son, Ethan, will be 10 months during the wedding. He will be wearing a similar suit and the small bout in the middle.

So we decided to order different tuxes as well. Thanks to Chancesare, we ordered from They are super cute! They've already come in but I have yet to upload a pic. Here's the stock photo.

Bearer of the Ring photo 3

I'll have one of my 2 ring bearers carrying a "Here comes the bride" sign, the other will be carrying a briefcase, and our Little Ring Bearer, Ethan, will be carrying this adorable pillow!

Bearer of the Ring photo 4

****RB's on Wedding Day!!


(My second RB was too upset to walk down the aisle!)

Here's Ethan!!!

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Cute! Love the feathers. Totally different!