Nov 07, 2009


Wedding Photo Book

We are getting a photo album of our wedding photos from our photographers, but I also wanted to make some for my family in the meantime. I used the layout proof provided by them as a guide for my own layout. Because Blurb seems like a very popular service that people on PW use to make their photobooks, I used Blurb. Ugh, boy was I disappointed! So disappointed, that I was glad I only ordered one, and then I went back to A&I to make the rest of them. As with my engagement photobook, they did a fantastic job. Check out my comparison below. A caveat however: I used 4"x6" photos and got the 13"x11" from Blurb while I got 11"x8.5" from A&I, which had an effect on the print quality.

Wedding Photo Book photo 1

Look at how many more shades of blue printed on A&I's than Blurb's.

Wedding Photo Book photo 2


  • Large Landscape - 13"x11"
  • I ordered their premium paper (100 lb. text silk-finish paper) but it still feels so thin!
  • No creative control on the design of the spine (only allows your book title)
  • Copyright page required with credit to Blurb (you can't get rid of it)
  • I found the book creator application a little more cumbersome to use, but it's probably a little easier for people unfamiliar with similar applications
  • Does not lay flat so some parts of the photos get lost in gutter
  • Cropped off some photos
  • Glossy dust jacket (leaves fingerprints easily)
  • Less image saturation/color density
  • Printing is outsourced to a 3rd party
  • Total cost = $97.17


  • Large book - 11"x8.5"
  • Standard paper for all books: heavy 80 lb. cover stock Semi-Gloss paper - and boy, DOES THIS MAKE A DIFFERENCE! You really feel the quality difference. THIS really feels pro.
  • You can design the spine
  • The only place A&I places its logo is on the last page. Every other page is yours completely.
  • Book Creator is easy to use immediately if you are mildly familiar with Photoshop controls, otherwise, it's easy to learn by following the tutorials on their site.
  • LAYS FLAT! Like a wonderful coffee table book.
  • No cropping. What you designed is what you get!
  • Semi-gloss dust jacket
  • Great image saturation/color density. The colors are way richer than Blurb's.
  • Printed in-house at their Hollywood location
  • Total cost = $92.16

It's a no brainer to me if I had to choose to print another photobook ever again. Check out some of the beautiful pages!

 Wedding Photo Book photo 3 Wedding Photo Book photo 4

 Wedding Photo Book photo 5 Wedding Photo Book photo 6

 Wedding Photo Book photo 7 Wedding Photo Book photo 8

 Wedding Photo Book photo 9 Wedding Photo Book photo 10

 Wedding Photo Book photo 11 Wedding Photo Book photo 12

 Wedding Photo Book photo 13 Wedding Photo Book photo 14

A&I page lays flat                                                                               Blurb's doesn't

 Wedding Photo Book photo 15 Wedding Photo Book photo 16

 Wedding Photo Book photo 17 Wedding Photo Book photo 18

 Wedding Photo Book photo 19 Wedding Photo Book photo 20

Wedding Photo Book photo 21


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This turned out great too

You're welcome! Glad you found it helpful.

This is so helpful!!  I was planning on Blurb, since I see it everywhere on PW, but just saw a groupon today for A&I (the $20 for $60 one).  I did a search of PW to see what people think about A& I.  Thank you for posting this information!