Jan 01, 2011


{Blissful Groom}

Victor is not one of your ordinary grooms....what I mean by this is that he is involved in every aspect of this wedding and he even goes to the extreme of doing fun projects for his groomsmen. He is creative, artistic, and very passionate about what he does. This is only one of the reasons why I love him so much.       

                                        Blissful Groom photo 1

*His Shoes*

The one thing Victor made sure we integrate into the wedding were his and his groomsman's shoes. Victor is a big fan of Adidas shoes. These are some of the styles he is looking into for the wedding day.

Blissful Groom photo 2

*The Grooms Shoes*

Blissful Groom photo 3


Attire - Groom will wear a gray suit and the Groomsmen black suit (tie will be a solid color) 

Blissful Groom photo 4

Groomsmen fun package

Below is one of the projects Victor worked on for his groomsmen. He compiled 6 sets of packages that included a comic book, personalized CD of songs they all like, list and information of each groomsmen, each got a Lantern corps emotion ring more info below, his list of invites for the bachelor party, (they are a little too excited for this, details on their attire for the wedding day so they can start saving, and some other fun stuff. Most of the comic book stuff was collected during Free comic book days. I don't think he spent a lot on this stuff. 

Victor is a big comic book fan and so are his groomsmen so they are really making it fun for themselves. It was so cool to see Victor so involved in making these packages and making our wedding experience fun and exciting for his groomsmen. Since most of the time the BM's are the ones who have the most fun! 

Blissful Groom photo 6Blissful Groom photo 7Blissful Groom photo 8Blissful Groom photo 9

Picture idea - One cool thing Victor did was get them each a super hero ring that symbolizes Lantern's core emotions and they are all different colors. Victor picked each color for each of his grooms men. They will be wearing these rings pre-wedding ceremony for there grooms pictures. Victor thought of this all on his own! lol... Here is what I'm talking about. You can get these rings at any comic book store. 

Blissful Groom photo 10Blissful Groom photo 11

Blissful Groom photo 12


  1. Groom is BlueLantern Corps - Symoblizes Hope
  2. BM is Yellow Sinestro Corps - Fear 
  3. BM is Agent Orange Larfleeze - Greed
  4. BM is Red Lantern Corps - Rage
  5. GM is GreenLantern Corps - Willpower
  6. GM is Indigio Tribe - Compassion
  7. GM is Violet - Love Star Sapphires

If you would like more info on the rings , but if your FI is a comic book fan I'm sure he will know what these are. 

Comic book Boudoir picture - I did want to integrate his love for comic books in my b-pictures so I took a picture with comic books on me as an outfit. Really cute. I've taken if off my bio, if you would like to see it PM me. =)


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That is TOO cool.

Love Victor's creativity. Love the B-picture amiga. you look beautiful as usual. :)

Hey i love all of your ideas for the groomsmen gifts.  Where did your FI get the super hero rings?? My FI loves this idea!!