Aug 14, 2010


::Piece of Cake!::

I finally booked our baker! Thanks to all these blinged out cake ideas, I chose this one to use as inspiration. we are getting Pistahio with pistachio cream and bavarian cream filling, and we are getting amaretto with bavarian cream filling....YUM. I'm salivating for it! Now I just have to find inexpensive crystals because this cake is going to end up costing me a billion dollars.

Piece of Cake photo 1  Actual! --->Piece of Cake photo 2

Here is the inspiration for the groom's cake. Only the helmet (Houston Texans) will be cake (Carrott, his fave). The jersey will be a basketball jersey (The Rockets, who else?). I'm so excited about his cake! Even more so than mine!

Piece of Cake photo 3  Actual! ---> Piece of Cake photo 4

****Cakes on Wedding Day!!!!!





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I love both cakes very elegant, My hubby is such a DOLPHIN fan he would love a cake like that, great planning

OMG, Pam...that cake is incredible!! How in the world did they do that?!

P.S. I'm a former Houstonian, too! :-)

I love your inspiration cake...sooo pretty!

i'm in love with your cake. i want it! great choice!