Jan 01, 2016


The beauty department.......


"oh yeah girl, I said it!!" around the world & back *snap, snap!*

I'm a makeup artist so I'm VERY picky (ok, that's not fair to say.  Most of us brides are! LOL!!) when it comes to this department.  I get asked often "so who's going to do YOUR MAKEUP for the wedding?"  I don't know how to answer this, but the only thing I can say is "may God have mercy on their soul" to whoever I hire because I may eat her/him alive!  *enter evil laugh here* LOL

But some beautiful makeup ideas I have are here:

The gorgeous Mrs. Naomi Pajon (she married the guitarist George Pajon of the Black Eyed Peas):

The beauty department photo 1

The beauty department photo 2

I love her peineta!  I'd wear one too but my wedding is more old hollywood glamour than it is spanish themed. 

And of course, who doesn't love Kim Kardashian?  I love the look her makeup artist created for her for the Golden Globes this year:

:::::::::A "HAIRY" SITUATION::::::::::::

I wanted to incorporate flowers in my hair in an updo or do a sidebun with "Gatsby" inspired finger waves on the side like Kate's. 

ooooh laaa laaa.....



Or this chic!  Isn't she stunning??  I love her 'do so much.

Images courtesy of Paco and Betty Photography                                                              

I would've taken my hair down after the ceremony to have a sexy Old Hollywood siren makeup look and down 'do for the reception like Kim Kardashian 

I would've been doing my own makeup, but I still was going to hire a professional to handle my 'do!

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I'm SO incredibly nervous about letting someone else be in charge of my face on the biggest day of my life  to date!  I swear, I've always walked away looking drag queen-esque from a MAC makeup counter, hence my nerves.  Who better to do your makeup then YOU ;)

Do you do wedding makeup for PW'ers? ;)

Sooooo I am really interested to find out who does your makeup..... Do you do wedding makeup yourself ?? This is the one place I am totally still looking for so hey let me know what you think ?

Thank you blue eyed!