Oct 09, 2010




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Haute Bride Necklace & Earrings!

 Accessories photo 4

Bracelet purchased from Etsy vendor blustarfruit.  Can't wait to receive it!

Update:  I just received my bracelet from blustarfruit!  I love it.  It's so sparkly!  It's even prettier than in the picture.  Thanks blustarfruit! 

Bridal Chandelier Earrings made with Swarovski Crystals

Update:  Just purchased these Swarovski pearl chandelier earrings from Blustarfruit!

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Hair Flower purchased from etsy vendor Midoridesigns.  So happy with this purchase.

Accessories photo 7

Accessories photo 8 

Vintage Inspired Bridal Purse (white pictured here but I purchased it in Ivory) with Floral Crystal accent along border.  Purchased from Celebrate Milestones.  Shop around, I saw it listed for anywhere between $43.00- $70.00.  I hope I found the least expensive!

Accessories photo 9 

Just bought this lovely flower from jenandchrisponce.  It's so pretty!

Bridal Bracelet Collection Shine   Bridal Set Rhinestone Glory

Bridal Set Rhinestone Glory
My mom fell in love with all my jewelry and she needed some bling too!  I found these for her from maylui in etsy!
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Gorgeous pictures!  You looked amazing!

I heart your look!

Love your mom's jewlery. It's so beautiful!!!!

Love your entire look. Your going to be a gorgeous bride. :)