Oct 09, 2010


Reception Decor


 Reception Decor photo 1Reception Decor photo 2

My centerpieces will be this ivory vase with the ceramic rose (purchased at Michael's) with these silk flower bouquets from A Floral which I spruced up a bit.

Reception Decor photo 3 Reception Decor photo 4

Centerpieces                                            I found these candlesticks at an antique store for $6.00 each!

I'm not going to use these candlesticks because they aren't allowed by my venue.

Reception Decor photo 5 Reception Decor photo 6

Reception Decor photo 7 Reception Decor photo 8

Reception Decor photo 9Reception Decor photo 10

Close-up of my centerpiece flowers...I made them into mini bouquets so that I can easily drop them into the vases the day the wedding and not have to fuss with them...

Reception Decor photo 11

Purple votives purchased from par228!

Table Card Inspiration

were having ours set photo 2267718-1

 Table Names


 Reception Decor photo 12 Reception Decor photo 13 Reception Decor photo 14

Reception Decor photo 15

I will use these stands for table names and place pictures of places we've visited and places we will be visiting on the honeymoon.  These can be purchased at Shelley B Home & Holiday.

 Manzanita Trees

 Reception Decor photo 16

Crystal Tree Inspiration

I got some super helpful info from MommyLynda re: where to purchase Manzanita branches.  I'm not typically too Artsy but she made it sound doable!  I haven't started yet but I'll post pics once I get a mock up done.

Reception Decor photo 17  Reception Decor photo 18

Reception Decor photo 19

 First, Second, & Third Attempt....

 Guest Sign-in progress...


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I love those purple votives!


Beautiful job. I really love it.

those DIYs look awesome!