Mar 05, 2010


{Wedding Recap} Pre-Ceremony

So as my girls & I loaded up things and prepared to head over to the venue (where I would get dressed), the guys were already there preparing to take their pre-ceremony formal photos. The thing with our venue was I continuously had to shuffle the guys around in my timeline so that we'd all avoid bumping into each other. So when we'd be in the "bridal suite", they'd be in the reception area or on the front porch. It was time consuming, but that timeline LITERALLY saved us tons of stress & worry!
So the guys arrived to the venue and got ready for their formal photos!
DH was seriously excited, right?
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 1
Best Man "M" was tickled..

Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 2

FI made the genius decision-two nights before the wedding-to purchase Aviator sunglasses for all of his guys for pictures. It's one part of the planning I wont (and can't) take credit for. I LOVED how these shots came out with the sunglasses! So GQ!
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 3
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 4
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 5By the time we arrived to the venue, the guys were finishing up and were placed in the reception area to sit & wait it out. Before I left the "bridal suite" to take my formal photos, the guys moved from the reception area to the "bridal suite" so they couldn't see us at all.
As we arrived to the venue all of my girls really sprang into action & started unloading things super-quickly. So as I'm preparing to get dressed, BM "L" bursts in the door and has tears streaming down her face. No...seriously. Tears.Down.Her.Face.
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 6
My reaction?
I was thinking (and saying out loud) "WTF is wrong?"
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 7
BM "L", who is an AVID reader of my blog, told me that she'd gone into the reception area and saw everything put together and just lost it. She kept saying "Everything is so beautiful. It's just so beautiful..." Most people think that no one cares about your wedding the way you do, my girls, family & friends were SUPER into my wedding as evidenced by BM "L". That will be one memory that will forever stick in my mind! :)
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 8
Luckily, my Make-up Artist Danielle was there to hook her back up!
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 9
I only wanted my MOHs and my mom in the room with me dressing, so the rest of the girls primped in the bathroom & waited in the hallway until I was done.
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 10
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 11
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 12
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 13
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 14Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 15
After I finished dressing, I headed to the restroom where every one of my girls was doing last minute touch-ups! Of course, I had to join in! :)
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 16
Then it was time to head out to take our formal photos.
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 17Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 18Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 19Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 20Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 21Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 22Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 23While we were photo'd the guys relaxed in the "bridal suite"!
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 24Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 25& just like that our formal photos were done (I'll post more later, I'm being super lazy today). Here's the funny/aggravating we were headed back to the "bridal suite" the guys were being ushered back to the reception area to sit & wait. As we rounded the corner to the back entrance of the "bridal suite" who do we see? None other than a group of DH's family members. I know, I know...I shouldn't care about them seeing me before the ceremony but I did. My girls were asking them to "MOVE!" at first and they stood still like Deers in headlights. So it got a little more aggressive to "Y'all gotta MOVE now!" but the people just stood still. Finally the coordinators came and wrangled them and moved them to their seats. It was SO funny because my MOHs both took off their pashmina scarves and held them over me (like the celebrities do when they don't want to be seen) and we tried scrambling to the suite. Sadly, by the time we got to the stairs the group of people were leaving & the scarves were flowing in the wind (and not on me)! Fun times, though!
We made it back into the suite safely and sat & waited...
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 26
& Prayed...
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 27
The guys waited in the reception area for their cue. These clowns definitely had a good time!
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 28
Even though my grandmother had still not arrived at 5:00pm, I was ready to start. I was getting super anxious and just wanted to stick to our schedule. DH, the Best Men and the pastor (my Uncle!!) waited on the side of the porch-out of view from our guests-while I stayed in the bridal suite.
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 29
Wedding Recap Pre Ceremony photo 30Sorry for the boobage shot, clearly losing weight (unintentionally) a week before the wedding sucked!
I watched as my girls lined up and finally I heard their daddy came back and sat with me and I couldn't sit still. The time was finally here. I was getting married.
And all I could think was "Crap, I've got to pee & I know my daddy isn't going to hold my dress up!" LMAO! Needless to say, I ended up pacing the hallways until I heard someone say
"It's time!"
Up Next: The Ceremony
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