Aug 14, 2010


::Beauty is her name::

Not feeling it. This is my first one. I don't think he really got what I wanted, nor did he listen. Needless to say, I will be scheduling another makeup trial for May. I hope I find a MUA soon...

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2nd Make up trial! I liked this MUA better but I still want something else. Something is missing and I can't figure it out. I have one more make up trial. I think I'm just super picky!

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Stay tuned for trial #3!


MU trial part 3.
**SIGH** I still wasn't feeling it. This one I was feeling less than the last one. I'm not sure if I'm satisfyable.

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I REALLY don't understand the lip color. That just doesn't fit my skin tone whatsoever. ANOTHER $50 down the drain....

So here's what I've decided to do. I am just going to BOOK a MUA with no trial. I've seen her work online, her skills seem amazing, and she comes highly recommended. Her skin is dark like mine so she HAS to know what to do with me. I'm closing my eyes and diving in. Wish me luck!


FINALLY!! I was able to get some makeup that I LOVE. L. O. V. E. The MUA that I said earlier that I was going to just book ended up being the one. Not only for my MU but my hair too. So she'll be taking care of me on WDAY!! YAYYY!!! Here is the link to my post.

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****My wedding day look!! 

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my absolute favorite weddingb ahir and make up of all times EVER!!!

Your makeup on your wedding day was amazingly beautiful. Such a gorgeous bride.

your make up looked absolutely love love it

Your final choice for hair/make-up is so elegant. Your bio really has such great inspiration.