Aug 14, 2010


::I get it from my mama!::

Here is the dress my mommy is going to wear! We are getting it made with My moms is 54 and she's still super hot! I guess this is why I'm hot...

I get it from my mama photo 1

Gold lace bodice with bling and bluish taffeta skirt with matching 3/4 sleeve bolero jacket. She's going to be the hottest mama around! 
Now I have a new task of finding HER jewelry and shoes too! LOL!


My mom's dress arrived SUPER FAST! It looks AMAZING! Thank goodness it's too big for her. She's taking it to the tailor in July since she's steady losing weight.

I get it from my mama photo 3 On the hanger.

I get it from my mama photo 4 My Mommie somewhat modeling it.
They sent a free bolero jacket. I'll post new (full body) pics when my mom gets it fitted. It looks fantastic!

Here's the dress a week before wedding day. It still had to be taken in.

I get it from my mama photo 5  

**On Wedding Day!!!**



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Awww!!!! Your mom looks beautiful and she looks so darn happy! 

Girl your mom is hot.  Dressilyme did an excellent job! GO MOM!

it looks great, where you found this dress?

Wow! Thats a great MOB dress!