Oct 14, 2011


It's a Love Story......

My fiancee Michael and I have been together since we were in high school. I was 14 and a freshman, he was 15 and a sophomore. We were so cliche, I was the cheerleader he was the football player. Here we are 6 years later planning the rest of our lives together.. Who would have thought?





How we Met...

In 8th grade I went with my friend to Yogi Bear campground and he went with his friend (Everyone at our school did this camping trip every year). We didn't know each other at all at this point. He said he was with his friend the first time he saw me and he thought I was pretty and told his friend this.. During that camping trip he had a miniature crush on me. I was not interested at all! haha I really liked this other boy who was with us as well so he was not even on my mind... There was one night we were all hanging out by the fire and him and my friends boyfriend were being silly and wrestling and I told him to fight for me (something silly like that haha) and later that night we were in one of the campers watching a movie. Someone said something that made me mad and Mike was laying on the floor all by his lonesome. So I said "I'm gonna go sit with him he's so nice, he is my future husband." And for the rest of the trip I called him by husband lol (I still didn't like him I was just being an immature goober LOL)

So when I got into high school we kinda met up again and I remember my friend I was with giving him a hug after school, and I said to him, "hey you were my husband where's my hug?!" and idk why but he was an awesome hugger. weird. lol Anyways, so I was chatting with a friend of mine on AIM one day and she happened to tell me that Mike said he liked me. (Remember how you used to ask the boy you were talking to who they liked because you wanted them to say you?? I do. lol) So he said that girls name and also mine, and she happened to tell me so I started talking to him. Things just went from there and here we are! He told me he still does not know to this day why he said my name and that he liked me. He said he didn't really even like me but my name stood out and he just randomly typed that... Gosh those were the good old days, we were so young and immature and did the silliest things, but that got us to where we are today and I'm okay with that!!! I just find it so crazy how I didn't even know him and I called him my "husband" and now he really is going to be my husband! So weird.



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That is the cutest story!! Congrats sweetie! :)