Mar 19, 2011


What I have done!

I did our unity candles.  Neither of us cared to do this part of the ceremony when we looked at how much the sets are.  But then, I thought to myself as I was buying dang near 50 yeards of ribbon in our colors: I can make one!  So I did.  And here they are.

What I have done photo 1

I just used the pearlized pins to stick them around the candle.  You may want to heat the pins up, because those candles are a pain.  The ruffled look was totally my accident but I guess all's well that ends well.  At some point between now and March 19 of next year, I'll be putting our monogram onto it.

I'm also experimenting with some poms.  I also did a coffee filter one, and I'm making a mental note to myself to get a picture of it for this page. 

What I have done photo 2 

I think after all that, I'm going to not even use these. Instead, we're going to cluster wheat and line the aisle with those!

My favorite so far, the cake topper.  I loved the idea of the monogram, and Charlie was all on board. (Because he didn't have to glue rhinestones....)

Step one: Contact Craffy Eddy.  Tell him what you want.

Step two: Wait a few days.  Get monogram in the mail.  Our colors are teal and ivory, and while the smart thing would have been to paint the letter teal to make mistakes less noticible, I painted it white.  I like the contrast and painfully obvious mistakes.  Add character, you know?

What I have done photo 3

It looks much better than it did before.  Once you get it mostly covered, it starts taking shape and doesn't look so much like it caught a disease.  I ordered 10 gross (1440) stones, aaaaand ran out.  I was so mad, honestly.  I'm thinking I need to repaint it, but we'll see how I feel.  It's not quite as even as I had hoped, but I like the way it looks in the light!


What I have done photo 4 

Don't mind the expression on my face.  Just trying to see how it was sitting.  My veil!  I love it!  I'll be wearing my hair down, so it'll be a challenge to see how I need to position it on my head so it looks good and doesn't screw the whole look up! 

What I have done photo 6 What I have done photo 7

I did this pearl bracelet recently, and I can't even remember where I got the idea from.  It's five strand, three with larger pearls and two with smaller pearls.  No real reason, just because that's how it worked out with the amount that I had.  Two of the large pearl strands are interwoven with a silver chain, and one small strand has some nifty/pre-vintage inspired charms.

And yes, I realize it's uneven in length.  It was actually done semi-purposely just to give it less of a structured look.

But wait!  There's more!

I painted this!  Okay, traced and then painted, but still.  Painted!  It took me foooorrreevvverrrr!! But finally FI decided I needed to get it done so we could clear the dinning table. (btw, it's still on there.  nobody tell's me what to do!)

And the finished p


I love our monogram.  I love it so much, I spent hours one Sunday stamping it onto cocktail napkins.

So I couldn't find a fascinator to go with my blue veil, and I just made one instead.  I took those loose petals that come in the plastic boxes and some felt. I cut out a felt circle, and starting with the outer/base layer I just began to sew on the petals! And then glued some rhinestones into the middle and there you have it!

Now i just need to find a way to make sure it stays in my hair...

Pdub won't let me rotate. I'm sorry! But this is our invitation I made! We ordered bulk cardstock, and I designed it on a program FMIL has. We definitely wanted simple, with a little bit of flourish, and lightweight. Because I don't want an increase in postage.

Guests have loved the wrap around labels.

And that's our cardbox! It was $9 at TJ Maxx. I covered it in an ivory damask print wall paper, and then trimmed it in blue ribbon.

And there's our cupcake stand. :) With the rooster. Yaaay. Coverd it in the same wall paper and trimmed it in ribbon. It's a matching set.


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Love your colors. You did a fantastic job on the DIY projects

Awesome DIY's!! I love the color!

I'm a little biased with your wedding as I too am using the Tiffany blue/aqua color. I loved your photos and your dress was gorgeous!

wow! you owned are the DIY queen :D