Jan 15, 2011


Guest Book




                                Jersey Guest Book


               My FI and I decided to stick with our "UT Longhorn"

               theme and have our guests sign a Longhorn football jersey

               instead of the usual guest book.  That way after the wedding,

               I can frame our "guest book" and put it up in my UT

               inspired office!   









       My Jersey came in today!  I ordered it

       from the University Co-Op and it came

       within 10 days!  I think it's going to be

       absolutely perfect!  Now if I can only

         remember to take the marker!  Lol.




IN ACTION.   On our wedding day!  <3  First photo courtesy of Raul Salazar Photography.

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That's a great idea.  I was planning on doing the same thing.  What did you use to have people sign it and how did it turn out?  It looks good from the picture.

Awsome idea....

Love the Idea!! So Original! 

Love this idea!