Jan 15, 2011


The Cakes


Thanks to Stephanie's Cakes and Moore, I will be getting my UT Tower bridal cake after all!!  It's going to look like the picture, however, the tower and the two bottom layers will be white.  The windows will be lit up to say "1-15-11" and the longhorns on the bottom will be in orange.  The inside will be double layers of vanilla and chocolate.

The Grooms' cake will be spice cake with buttercream frosting.  FI is a huge Texans fan, so he decided to get the Texans logo as his cake.  He is very excited about this.



IN ACTION.  On my wedding day!  I got SO many compliments on our cakes.  Everyone wanted Stephanie's card.




(2) Comments
I'm sure my FI would love that idea! Lol

Love your ideas for the cakes!  Maybe they can put a lil Jack Daniels in the cake mix ;)  Hehe.