Apr 23, 2011


*Ceremony Decor Inspirations

Aisle Markers-  We will only have two potted plants at the beginning of the aisle instead of all the way down.  Sometimes budget doesn't always work out for your vision.  

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Arch and Strewn Rose Petals-  We will strew the aisle with a white rose petal and shamrock mixture.  It is our little nod toward my English heritage and FI's Irish heritage.  :)  The arch we made out of a birch tree and some grapevine.  It took Robert, me, my parents, and his parents to assemble, but it was definitely a fun project.  


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That last arch is stunning!

Love it

Stunning! I can imagine the beautiful wedding photos you could take under that archway.  That sounds like a difficult DIY, can't wait to see what youcome up with!

Oh goodness! You were right! its beatiful!