May 18, 2013


Not even engaged yet...

Hello ladies,

My name is Julie.  I'm originally from Michigan but am a rather recent (07) Texas transplant.  Luckilly for me-the love of my life, Dan, calls Texas home.  Through a lot of different divine interventions we met and that was that.  After our first date-we haven't been apart since. 

I'm not engaged and don't really plan to be anytime soon and I'm in no rush.  BUT-I LOVE WEDDINGS and all things weddings.  I love reading about them, seeing pictures of them, talking to people about them, planning my future wedding, etc.  I love them so much that I got a part time gig with one of Houston's premier wedding planners.  I love getting to see these big Texas sized weddings up close and personal and getting paid to go to weddings isn't bad either.  If you need a planner or just a day of coordinator-get at me.     

This is a fantastic website and I enjoy looking at everyone's great ideas and fabulous/unique weddings. 

I still don't have my set idea on a theme/color scheme/venue/etc. but I've got plenty of time to plan...

To True Love,


P.S.  If I've got one of your amazing photos on here without your credit-please let me know so I can add it. 

P.P.S.  I've got most of my goodies set to 'private.'  I'm not saying that you're some weirdo but I gotta keep the personal stuff sorta private.  Friend me if you wanna see more!  :)

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Yaaay, your engaged and the wedding is right around the corner!


Julie I love your story! I was actually born in Ft. Worth, Texas. My dad was in the military so I moved around, but I can not wait to see more from you!

Welcome to Texas! :D Happy wedding planning.

Your too cute!  I love everything weddings too!!  I wish I would have fount this site was before I got married.  You will get killer ideas! :)