Jun 19, 2010


Final Fitting!

My final fitting was great I already know the dress fits great - today the underskirt did not want to lay right - I think it was being stuffed in the bag in 90 degree heat all day.

The only things I had done were bra cups put in because I have virtually no chest, and a single loop added for my bustle.

Final Fitting photo 1See how the front looks short - stupid underskirt!  LOL

Final Fitting photo 2 the seamstress did two options so I could choose two different heights for the point of the bustle this is the higher one - I don't like the way the rest of the skirt on either side bunches so we are going to go with the lower one.

Final Fitting photo 3  Here's the lower option on the bustle, the rest of the dress lays better, right? =)  I got it all ruffled because I was moving around - I love my BM that went with me but she is not the best PW photographer ;)

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Your dress is gorgeous. Such a princess bride. it. The bustle is amazing as well. Beautiful bride

Gorgeous Claire!!