Aug 31, 2008


Thank you!

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Thanks to all the PW girls who helped and supported me though all my planning.  I truely appreciate it!!!  You helped make wedding planning fun for me and gave me something to look forward to... It means so much to me!

Love, Jamie :)

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yay!!! you did it!! graduation, moving, and now the wedding!!

best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, joy and hot-monkey-sex!!! hahaha

we def have to go out for drinks when i (finally) move back to SoCal


Congratulations Jamie!  You and your DH truly make a beautiful couple!

Yay Jamie!!  Congrats on your awesome day!!  Wishing you much happiness to come! :)  Hopefully we can all meet up when i move back to CA next year!

Ahh...so sweet! :)  Stellar wedding! ;)  Glad we could help..you've been a big help too!