May 23, 2010


"Mr. & Mrs. H"

Finally, I'm Sean's wife!!! Nothing beat that!! :D

The day was everything that we imagined, even better. It was drizzle in the morning of, and started to clear up toward the afternoon. As soon as I stepped on the door of our hotel going to the venue, it was very windy and my veil was blowing, it really was BLOWING. I could feel that it was almost fell off my hair, but Natalie, my MUA, did an amazing job! I really heart her!!!

The ceremony was very intimate, romantic, and had a bit of fun. I thought it was a hazzle with the super windy weather, but I didn't want to think about it, just want to enjoy the moment, and turned out it made gorgeous pictures :)

The reception was fun and very organized, everyone was enjoying the party and we had about an hour and a half to hit the dance floor.

All in all, it was the best day in my life!!!

All of our vendors, from the venue, photographer, florist, DJ, videographer, hair and make up artist, wedding coordinator, I give them all SUPERB!!!! I'll post the review soon!!

PS: To all the brides out there, It might not be perfect because nothing is perfect, but I promise you, as long as you enjoy the day and the special moment, and think positive through out the day, you'll have the best day of your life! :D

All of these images are taken by PPF Photography.

"Getting Ready"















"Going To The Ceremony"










"The Very Special Pikakei Lei From Hawaii"




"The Ceremony" 








".....And They Live Happily Ever After....."












"The Little Details That Count"











"One Last Thing"


"Let's Get The Party Started"








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I just LOVE all your pictures!  Cant stop looking at them!  So beautiful!  Right down to the beautiful veil blowing in the wind!  Amazing!  :)


          What a BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, SEXY, FABULOUS BRIDE YOU ARE!!! ;) I love all the Wedding Details!!! SUPER GLAMOROUS!!! Congratulations to BOTH OF YOU!!! AND  I wish you eyes full of joy and long and interesting life together! Be happy!!!


Best Wishes,

Ruby a.k.a Onyx22 ;)

What a beautiful wedding, and what wonderful pictures!!  I love your dress, and your shoes, and you and DH look so happy together :)  Congrats!!

sniff sniff...I know you must be so thrilled withyour pics. Absolutely breath taking