Aug 14, 2010



UBER excited about these for the reception! They arrived!! Check out the "original" post here.

Thanks to 2011Bride's original project, I did a second round and we just received our short votive holders, tall hurricane holders (look more like bling vases), and crystal napkin rings!! How excited was I when they arrived. That's TWELVE cases!!

Crystals photo 1  Crystals photo 2

They were everything I expected and more.

Crystals photo 3  Crystals photo 4

Crystals photo 5

I love everything BLING. Can't wait to see how they turn out at the reception!

****Some bling at the reception!



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Hi do you have any of the Bling Votive Candle Holders for sale or can you tell me where you bought them from?

Thank you

do you have any more napkin rings available?

Hello Ladies

Does anyone have any that are leftover that I can purchase from them? Im trying to purchase them for my tables and they are majorly expensive. PLEASE HELP! 

These are beautiful. Can you provide the information on where to purchase these?