Aug 14, 2010


::The Shoe Saga::

Searching for shoes has been a long crazy process for me! I got help from so many people inluding my MOH sister and TheChicBride. **SIGH** Cur-sed huge size 11 boats that I inherited.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, after much deliberation and going back and forth...let me introduce you shoes.

The Shoe Saga photo 1

I plan on blinging out the heel.  I'm not 1000% sure I will wear these beauties on W-Day but I love the color. I will update with pics when they arrive!!!



I've blinged out ONE heel. It took me about 2 days (not non-stop but you know). I still have one to go. But check it out!!

The Shoe Saga photo 2  Before.

The Shoe Saga photo 3 After. The Shoe Saga photo 4

The Shoe Saga photo 5  Love love love.

 **UPDATE!!** The shoes are complete! I added crystal brooches on the front too and they look amazing! I love, absolutely love how they turned out!

The Shoe Saga photo 6 

The Shoe Saga photo 7  The Shoe Saga photo 8

****My shoes on Wedding day!!


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love the shoes

Those are amazing shoes! You did a great job blinging them out! It looks like they were meant to be that way!

LOVE the way they turned out!

how did u do that? 

can u pm me and help me too =)