May 23, 2010


I Love My P-Dub Date Twin!!!!!

Lisa, aka DreaminBride, created this page on her bio. Isn't she super duper sweet? I'm such a lucky girl to have her not only as my date twin, but also my fellow hostess :) :) :)

Love you lots, Lisa!!!!!

I wanted to share...

I have been so blessed to have my date twin be Lishya (AKA slhashimoto) and it has been such a great experience.  We are forever connected by our wedding days!  We planned together (even though we are in different coasts of the US), supported each other, sent well wishes, and shared the moment of marrying the men of our dreams on the same day!

The day I was getting ready, she was getting ready.

The day I was wearing a wedding gown. she was wearing a wedding gown.

The day I said my vows, she said her vows.

The day my new husband and I danced, she danced with her new husband!

And the night DH and I went back to our hotel room...well lets not go there!  LOL

There was a feeling of comfort when I thought about the beautiful Lishya for a moment on my wedding day.  Wondering of she was feeling as nervous/excited/wonderful as I was.  There was a calmness in knowing that we were experienceing the same thing together.

So thanks to PW, there is a little story of a girl from New York who connected with a girl from Cali.  A friendship that will celebrate their anniversaries together even though so far away.

I urge you to find a PW date twin and bond with them.  It is a comforting friendship that will have you two forever in eachother's grace.

Lots of Love PW!

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oooooh woooooow how nice :)))

That is so sweet :)

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