Oct 16, 2010


{Family History}

This little project is going to be a real labor of love.  I've always enjoyed flipping through old photos and learning about my family history.  So I thought it would be really cool to frame old wedding photos of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents (basically as far back as we can go) and display them at our reception.  Here's a few I have scanned in so far.  I just need to print them and find some antique-y looking gold frames.

My maternal grandparents (11/18/56):

Family History photo 1


Family History photo 2Family History photo 3

Family History photo 4Family History photo 5

Family History photo 6Family History photo 7

Family History photo 8


My maternal great-grandparents (taken sometime in the 1920's):

Family History photo 9

My paternal grandparents (taken in 1955, and still happily married):


Family History photo 10

My paternal great-grandparents (taken in 1930):

Family History photo 11


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wow you're maternal grandma reminds me soo much of Jackie Kennedy!

WOW!! I love this!! :)

The pictures are beautiful! I love looking at vintage pictures, so classic!

Family History photo 1

What a beautiful, classic, and timeless photo!!