Jul 24, 2010


~My Surprise Bridal Shower

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Sooo... I honestly thought it was going to happen NEXT weekend - which was their plan. Jerks. haha. Yesterday was supposed to be my dad's aunt's surprise 60th birthday party (or so I thought). My parents sent FI and I an invite to that, even sent themselves one so I'd see it when I went to their house, but had my grandmother fill it out and put her return address labels on them (she was one of the ones "throwing the surprise birthday party").

FI and I RSVPed yes, and I automatically told him that I think his party might just be a way to get me somewhere for my surprise bridal shower! He told mom this and that's when they devised probably the worse/best plan ever. Ask me if I'd make the cake for my dad's aunt's party!! JERKS! I felt obligated to make it, so I agreed. Now the whole thought of the bridal shower was out the window. I was back to thinking it might happen on the 19th.

Last Friday came along and I started getting really REALLY anxious about this whole cake thing - "what if they don't like it" "what if they make fun of it" "what if it's not good enough". I was getting so upset because I knew it wouldn't look professional. I was so worked up I couldn't sleep well Friday night. I got up early Saturday to start decorating. Worked for hours to get done what I did and the finished product looked something like this:

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 1

Not too bad I guess for someone who doesn't make cakes for a living.

ANYwhoo... I went up to get ready and, the whole time, was thinking in the back of my mind - what if. What if they were being sneakier than I ever thought possible? What if it really was today? Just in case, I did my make up more than I would have and made sure my hair was dried and everything. Just in case. The more the day went on though, the more I thought it wasn't possible - all because of that cake. Why on EARTH would they have me make a cake for Aunt Joy's birthday if it was my bridal shower?? Again - their plan allll along - just to throw me off.

Well, it worked. We drove up to the fire company, which is less than a half mile from my parents' house, and I spotted my first clue - a vehicle that I recognized that wouldn't be there for Joy's party. I thought - Hmm... maybe, but maybe someone else has the exact same license place as this person I know. After spotting that vehicle, I spotted another that also wouldn't have been there. I still wasn't 100% conviced - only about 99%. We parked right in front of the door, and there were table cloths over the windows (didn't think too much of that because it was a surprise party for Joy!). My parents went in first and I had the cake I made in my hands. As I walked closer to the open door, I saw some balloons at the doorway, inside, that said "Bridal Shower". Well, if that wasn't the biggest 100% giveaway then I don't know what was!

Even though I knew a few seconds before everyone else saw me, it was still completely awesome. I'll tell the rest in mostly pictures:

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 2
The famous UGLY Amanda cry. Oh what I have to look forward to at the wedding. haha!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 3
Heather, Nicole, me, Jenelle, and Denise - my Bridal Party.

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 4
Playing with my cousin's little girl - was going to be our flower girl.

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 5
My favor heart.

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 6
Presents galore!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 7
My FSIL, me and FI! =)

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 8
It's a little blurry, but if you look closely, you can see my cheek all puffed out like a chipmunk. This is why:

We played a game - how well do you know FI? Sigh. I knew the important questions like "How many kids does he want?", "Where would he move if he could move anywhere?", and "What's his ideal career?", but when it came to "When did he have his first kiss?" BAH... For every wrong answer, I was given a gumball to start chewing. I couldn't spit them out - just had to keep chewing. OMG it was sooo gross!! haha. I had about 9 in my mouth by the end of it. The wad of gum was so big I could barely talk. I was glad when that was over. haha.

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 9
I loved our cake. That picture was taken the day after we got engaged, in our hotel room, and was put on our STDs and in our newspaper engagement announcement.

Some presents:
My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 10
an ice cream maker!!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 11
haha - please excuse the stupid face. I got a lot of picture frames, which I love!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 12
MY GRIDDLER!!!! I've only been telling FI I wanted one of these for like... a year.

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 13
Silicone bakewear!!

The most touching moment of my day:
My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 14
Snowglobe from my grandmother that says
"He asked and she said yes.
Amanda and Robert
July 24, 2010"
and plays the wedding march.

and then, also from my grandmother:
My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 15

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 16

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 17

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 18
I'm her only granddaughter, and she always calls me her "favorite", because I'm the only one!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 19
From my girls - haha - knew it was coming!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 20
They are just too good at this bow hat making thing!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 21
With a veil and all!

My Surprise Bridal Shower photo 22
Back home, looking through our wishing well goodies!

Everything was just amazing! I'm so glad they snuck around for months to keep this a secret from me because it's so much better that way! =) Yayy!! I'm marrying my BEST FRIEND in just over a month!!!

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How sweet!  I love the card from your grandmother!