Sep 19, 2009



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I thought I would share our beautiful wedding invitations! I DIY, and they turned out great!!

Materials :

* Pocketfolds - Black Metallic from
* Cardstock - We are lucky enough to have a printing company in one of our buildings we rent!
* Ribbon - Michaels
* Diamond Buckles -
* Envelopes for rsvp's and the whole invitation - Staples

Took me FOREVER to finish..because I'm a perfectionist, but it was so worth it =)
I really don't know exact number's for how much we spent, and frankly I don't think I want to know, but it is so much more meaningful when you do them yourself, or have at least have them custom made, then they are exactly what you want!

Invitations photo 1  Invitations photo 2

                                  Invitations photo 3 

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Beautiful invites!