Nov 12, 2012


DIY plans!

So, I'm really excited about DIY-ing some of the stuff for the wedding

Invitations - Black cardstock, with cream cardstock overlay. There will be a purple lace band that goes across the middle, and then a small black ribbon that goes across the top of the lace.

Escort cards - - but w/ possibly with a cream colored lace although idk if it'll look too "antique," and the ribbon would be purple.

Save the dates - the above-escort card, but the name tag will say "Save the Date," and inside will have all the information, maybe on a magnet. I don't think we're going to have our pics on the STD.

Pomanders - I'm going to have alternating purple and cream pomanders on the aisle chairs, attached to black ribbon

 DIY plans photo 1

Favors: cupcakes in baby food jars, but with purple food coloring. -- the lids will be painted purple, with a black ribbon around it. Sticker on top w/ our initials and the date. Jar will get wrapped in either black lace with cream colored ribbon/bow or purple lace with black ribbon/bow


Bracelet: Something similar to this. There were instructions somewhere on PW to DIY! 

DIY plans photo 2

I also want to DIY the table numbers. I'm thinking wooden numbers painted black and then with some jewels glued on.

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Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing these come to fruition. ;)

Great list of projects!  Can't wait to see it all come together.  P.S. - this list will grow as you see more and more inspiration! 

Can't wait to see your projects!

Good luck on your list :)  DIY stuff is always fun!  I'm not very good at it... lol... but all the brides on PW seem to always rock it so I know you'll come up with amazing stuff :)  I love your favor idea!  So cute!