Jul 05, 2014


Reception Decor





To create the "moonlight romance" feel, I'm going for an intimate and elegant look. I have this great vision in my head but I'm having a hard time explaining it to others. So, I'm gonna try and break it down here real quick. ;)


I love pintuck linens! I want to order a couple samples and compare colors. I really love the shade it looks in this pic, but of course things can vary.

 I bought lanterns very similiar to this. They are black also, so I am debating spray painting them like a silver color or even a matte grey to  go along more with the colors.


 Reception, Decor

This is a little overdone for me, but I love how its like a starry sky. I'm hoping to stock up on more christmas lights and do something similiar just a little toned down.



 Reception, White, Purple, Decor, Silver, Table, Head, Dream day design Love all the candles on the sweetheart tables. These two are my favorites.

Cake Table:


(4) Comments

I can see the vision, it will be beautiful!!!

I love the lights pic.  It is so romantic!  You have very elegant taste.

Great inspirations! Love the sweetheart table inspiration!

I love all of them but i really love the last one with the strings of diamonds and the blue florals..and the coffee i guess i love it all.