Sep 28, 2012


Introduction: About us


How we met: My best friend started dating her now husband in July of 2007. Every year her husband throws a HUGE Oktoberfest Camp out ( im talking 50+ tents, 8 kegs etc etc). In October 2007 I was invited by my friend to join in on the festivites and Jake was invited by her fiances friend to go. I got to the campsite very late and night and Jake was my knight in shining armour when I couldnt for the life of me get my tent up! LOL  Weve been inseperable ever since!

He says im crazy but I knew there was something special about him from the moment I saw him ( i was watching him all night!) One of the first things I ever heard him say was "thats crazy! Family is the most important thing! I cant wait to have a wife and children!" ( he was talking to a friend of mine who was adament that she would NEVER have children) and I thought "wow! Ive never heard a guy my age talk about how much he wants a family. I gotta meet this guy":) Oh and his laugh lines made me melt. He was so cute when he smiled!!! ::sigh::


The Proposal: Jake had always told me that he would propose after graduation...well he is a man of his word! I graduated on June 16th and he proposed June 18th! We were about to leave for my graduation party ( after a long emotional few days of his great grandmother passing away) I was sitting on the couch. Jake asked me If I was ready for my graduation gift. Me (thinking we didnt have money for him to spend his money on nonsense like a grad gift) rolled my eyes and said "you did not get me a grad gift" At his point he reached down and pulled me off the couch and started hugging me and kissing my cheek and neck so sweetly...and i was thinking..why is he so nervous? haha! He said youre right.. i didnt get you a graduation gift..but I do have to ask you a question...he got down on one knee and said "will you marry me?"  Im sure my eyes were huge! I actually pulled my hand back and said "what? are you serious? OMG? OMG? for real?" at this point Jake said "babe the ring is already on your hand...yes this is for real!" and then i Said "YES"!...lots of hugging and kissing afterward of course! We are both beyond excited and happy! I feel like I am so blessed to have found such and amazing man! I cant wait to make all the memoreis in the world with him and to call him my HUSBAND!!!     






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What a wonderful story

You have such a wonderful story!! :) How sweet!

Ashley love your story and oh my God our rings look so similiar! I have a marquise cut! Your ring is just gorgeous!

Awww so sweet!  Your ring is so beautiful!