Oct 10, 2010

I'm a Florida transplant who moved back up north and found the love of my life, Eric!!

All About Us



Let's see....where to begin. 

Eric and I met through, believe it or not, an online radio show that I was listening to and decided to go into the chatroom.  It was so funny, but the DJ (who will be DJ'ing at our wedding) was getting ready to end the show and I kept telling that he couldn't because I was enjoying the music too much!  LOL. 

Eric told me about his online radio station and told me to check it out.  After that we corresponded by instant messenger for a month or so and he asked me if I would be interested in becoming a radio rep for his station.  We started hanging out as friends and within a few months, we were on the phone constantly, im'ing each other all the time, and then one night we went out with a bunch of his friends to a few clubs, got back to a friend's record store, and we all decided to crash there.

It was in November, so since I brought a sleeping bag and an air mattress that I left at the record store since we had meetings there every week and a radio show, and since the meetings/radio show ended in the early morning hours, we all decided that we would just sleep there on the night that we did our show.  I told Eric that he could sleep under the blankets and I would sleep on the blankets.  The next thing I know, I'm freezing and I decided to get under the blankets just at the end of my side of the mattress.  Well within about 15 minutes of me doing that, I felt an arm wrap around me and that is how our friendship turned into a romance.  The next week he tells me that he purposely left one of the windows open so I would have to get under the blankets.  Almost 3.5 years later, I still laugh when we tell people that story.


                         December 2006 (@ his b-day)   February 2007


Christmas 2007 at Rockerfeller Tree NYC           Christmas 2007 - Home - Eric and I


Christmas 2008 - I made Eric wear a Santa hat.  LOL     Christmas 2009 - NYC - and my first Pedicab ride.



June 2010 at our Relay for Life Event.


He is my best friend and soulmate and I feel very blessed to have him in my life and to become my husband.  We have had our share of rocky times, but they have made us stronger both individually and as a couple.  The only regret that I have regarding our upcoming wedding is that he will never get to meet my mom, as she passed away in 1993.  However, he has learned quite a bit about her from family and friends.




Such a wonderful day in both of our lives.  I am so excited and definitely looking forward to our new life together.


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Almost 3years! Way to go!!

I ♥ your story!!! So berautiful and such a great and perfect couple!!! ♥

This was a great story! Love the pics of you so cute.  I wish you happiness, peace, joys and laughter for years to come.

What a wonderful story!!!!  You two look so happy!  I hope that married life be as happy as you two look in your pictures!