Sep 19, 2010



I've looked at the bios of a few other brides, and I'm still not sure what to put on here.  I don't know that anyone really cares about how I grew up or what I've done with my life so I'll just put up some of the things about our wedding that aren't secrets.  :)

I will marry my beloved, Gerald, on September 19th in the Dallas, TX area.  We planned this date for a couple of reasons, mostly religious.  A Saturday wedding, while doable, would have been pretty difficult.  We both live in different cities about 2 hours apart, and we attend church on Saturday.  So someone's church guests would have had to travel on top of trying to attend services in the same day.  Okay, a Sunday.  But which one?  We will be leaving on September 22nd to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, a religious festival, in Destin, Florida.  That had been planned long before our engagement.  And it gave us an idea...  Why not use that as our honeymoon?  The first Sunday before then is (you guessed it) September 19th.  It's the day after another religious observance, the Day of Atonement making it just about perfect.  Sure we will have to work those two days in between the wedding and leaving for Florida, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make.  We also could have waited until the spring, but that just wasn't going to happen.  After over 2 years of a long distance relationship, we are tired of waiting so we are making it work in September!

Long ago, I had picked out wedding colors: coral and espresso (a really dark brown)  I think they look good together.  :)

Moi photo 1

Now, I won't put up pictures of my dress until after the wedding, but I can tell you it's awesome.  It's simple, classic, and so very me.  I will, however, put up pictures of my shoes and the bridesmaids dresses.  Those aren't state secrets.  My sister will wear the dress in espresso, and my other two bridesmaids will wear it in coral.

Moi photo 2Moi photo 3

And my shoes.  I knew these were the ones the moment I saw them at Sears.  Yes, Sears.  They were on sale for $20.  We have been doing everything about this wedding ourselves to save money, and I am not opposed to $20 shoes from Sears!  Or making my own invitations, or having my sister make cupcakes, or...

Moi photo 4

Our wedding will be outdoors at a city-owned amphitheather that is well landscaped and beautiful.  The ceremony will be on the stage with the guests in the seating bowl, and the reception will be held in the garden area just above it.  As soon as I have access to our pictures, I will post some other than this one.  We've got some creative ideas cookin' for the procession of the wedding party... (and I do not mean breakdancing down the aisle)

Moi photo 5

And, finally, the reception itself will be potluck with only finger foods and snacks.  No casseroles or items that need maintenance in an oven or anything.  I am borrowing chairs and tables from my church, and there is plenty more natural seating here.  We will have someone to play piano/keyboards before and during the ceremony, but our reception music will be a plain, old fashioned CD player.  I think it will be simple, pretty, and very "us".

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I absolutely love those dresses and those shoes - great find!  :)

Sounds gorgeous! Our wedding was on a Sunday too- and it was PERFECT! Your colors are beautiful and those dresses are really pretty! I can't wait to see more of your wedding come together! You can post things for "friends only," if youre worried guests will see, just FYI!

Thanks!!  We've got some really simple ideas to dress things up a little, especially in the seating area.  I'm excited to get into the decorating aspect full-force!

I'm loving these colors you chose!  The venue looks great as well!